Empowering Digital Marketers to Master Their Success: Meet Committed Mastermind

Where Real Connections, Tailored Guidance, and Unmatched Insights Propel Your Agency’s Growth

At Committed Mastermind, we are more than just a community – we are a thriving family of elite digital marketers dedicated to mastering our craft and achieving remarkable success together. This is more than just a membership; it’s a collaborative cohort investing in collective learning and growth for its members.

At Committed Mastermind, our team is the heartbeat of our thriving community. We’re more than just mentors; we are your partners in success. Each member of our incredible team shares a passion for empowering entrepreneurs like you to thrive in the industry. We’ve walked the same path, faced similar challenges, and worked tirelessly to be where we are today.

Our concierge team plays a pivotal role in our commitment to your growth. They provide unwavering support, hold you accountable, and ensure you stay on track to reach your goals by meeting with you 1 on 1. We’re not just here to teach you; we’re here to actively assist you in your journey to meaningful growth.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a thriving community that goes beyond just sharing information. We strive to foster genuine connections, where like-minded individuals come together, collaborate, and support each other on their unique journeys. Your growth is not just a goal; it’s our driving force.

With personalized guidance, unwavering accountability, and unmatched industry insights, we empower you to conquer obstacles and uncover endless opportunities. As a united team, we celebrate your successes, learn from each milestone, and unlock your agency’s full potential.

Our Values

These values shape our interactions, guide our decisions, and foster an environment of support and growth


United by a common vision, our group of like-minded entrepreneurs provides unwavering support and fosters mutual accountability


We value building businesses with integrity while nurturing a strong focus on family, creating a lasting impact on those we serve.


Our community is built upon the spirit of sharing knowledge, insights, and experiences to uplift one another and drive collective success

Meet the Leadership team Behind Committed Mastermind

Our leadership team is made up of outstanding entrepreneurs that have put in the work, and have seen the need for a space like Committed Mastermind. Together, we foster a close-knit community where ideas are shared, goals are met, and your digital marketing journey becomes a testament to your remarkable growth.

JC Hite

Founder & CEO of Hite International

Karen Hite

CEO at Committed Mastermind

David Murillo

CEO at Digital Agency Hacker

Rachel Miller

Founder at Moolah Marketer

Brad Ball

President at Ardent Creative

Vinnie Fisher

CEO at Fully Accountable

Committed Is More Than A Membership

At Committed Mastermind, we are dedicated to delivering real, tangible results for your agency's growth. As a member, you gain access to a thriving community that's committed to your success, providing unwavering support and genuine discussions about every aspect of your digital marketing journey.

This is more than just a membership; it’s a collaborative cohort investing in collective learning and growth for its members. Embrace this empowering journey with us and unlock the true potential of your business.