Committed Mastermind

Collaborate with proven successful agency owners

The 3 pillars we have used to grow our agencies.

The knowledge we have today comes from tactical experience and a mindset being seekers of truth and growth. These benefits are what we believe will make an impact in your business.


Our concierge team will get to know you and your business on a personal level, connect you with the specific insights and resources that fit your needs, and provide the accountability necessary to achieve growth.


We gather virtually each month for exclusive opportunities to learn directly from some of the biggest names in our industry.

Quarterly Masterminds

Our quarterly masterminds are an exciting time for our Master Hackers to come together in-person to collaborate, get energized, learn from guest speakers who are masters in the digital space.

And that's not all!

Committed Mastermind members gain full access to all videos, courses developed by Digital Agency Hackers.

WHAT IS Committed Mastermind?

A New Kind of Mentorship Community:

Committed Mastermind is a community of elite digital marketers who have come together to become masters in our field. It is an inner circle of our wider Digital Agency Hacker community made of people who are ready to take their businesses and skills to the next level! We are go-getters, hungry for answers, and hyper-focused on gaining the real-life knowledge that enables us to scale our businesses. Our Inner Circle allows us to stay ahead of the curve by connecting to learn from one another and achieve our goals.


Our Committed Mastermind Inner Circle members know that when one of us succeeds, we are all more likely to succeed. There is no need for trial and error here; our members are eager to share proven strategies and industry secrets that they have experienced success with first-hand. Through our premium concierge service, you can gain access to all of the insights, expertise, knowledge, and resources necessary to scale your business and join the masters in digital marketing.

Who Should Join Committed Mastermind

Join the Committed Mastermind if you are a digital agency owner who is…

Looking to Grow

Access the individualized insight and support that your business needs to continue to grow.

Looking to Connect

Connect with other agency owners over shared experiences, challenges, goals, and more.

Looking to Learn

Access the best knowledge in our industry from those who have proven that it works.

Benefits That Grow With Us

We continue to add new benefits for our members all the time! As part of the Committed Mastermind you can access…


A Growing Community

The support, encouragement, advice, and insights that can only be found in our exclusive community


Processes, frameworks, and systems

The exact processes, frameworks, and systems that have produced 7-Figure months

Don’t Do It Alone!

Our Committed Mastermind are hungry for knowledge, passionate about growth, and inspired by success – but the value of a supportive community is what keeps our digital agency owners energized to move forward. We are here to be your people, and to cheer you along in your journey.

Meet The Team

Our leadership team is composed of experienced agency owners & battle-tested leaders in the digital marketing industry. All Inner Circle members get full access to our team, along with other industry leaders that are brought in to speak & consult on a regular basis.

JC Hite

Founder of Hite Digital
Co-Owner of Committed Mastermind

Karen Hite

Operation Manager
Digital Agency Hacker

David Murillo

Co-Owner of Master Hackers
CEO of Digital Agency Hacker

Vanessa Esquivel

Head of Concierge

Don’t Take Our Word From It, Hear From Some Of Our Awesome Members Themselves